The Pathwork in Israel

Pathwork was introduced into Israel in 2001 following the publication of the book "The Pathwork of Self Transformation" by Eva Pierrakos in Hebrew. The book was translated by Sigal Halperin, a clinical psychologist and spiritual seeker, who completed four years of Pathwork Transformation Program (PTP) in Italy. People who were exposed to the book gradually made contact with Sigal until a group of about twenty people gathered and started studying the lectures.

Eventually contact was made with senior Pathwork Helpers who were invited to come and lead Pathwork Workshops in Israel 3-4 times a year. More people became interested following the translation of the books "Creating Union" in 2003 and "Fear No Evil" in 2006. All three books were published by Mirkam Publishing House. Since the first days Pathwork Lectures were translated into Hebrew for the purpose of study, first by volunteer members and later on by a professional translator.

In 2015 the Veteran study group continues actively doing the work, and four additional smaller groups meet regularly in different parts of the country led by some of the veteran members. The four younger study groups (which include around 30 members) formed a second workshops group which has been active since 2010. When Helpers come in three times a year from the United States and Europe they conduct the workshops for both groups. So far about 150 Pathwork Lectures have been translated into Hebrew and appear on this site. The translation project continues.

The Israeli Pathwork is extremely grateful to the Teachers and Helpers who kept coming to lead us on the Path. Special thanks go to Johann Kos our first Helper who pioneered the way with us and continued coming throughout the years whenever asked, to Hedda Kohler from Italy and Judith Garten from the U.S who took upon themselves with great dedication, not only to teach and work with us continuously, but to supervise and contribute in many more ways to the growth of the community in Israel. As well we are most grateful to our dedicated Teacher and Helper Brian O'donnell from the U.S. who travels the way to inspire us in any weather. All four have made a significant mark upon the Israeli Pathwork.